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Welcome to The Photowalk Guys!

The Photowalk Guys consist of Rob Potter (Photography Hot Spots), Ben Fewtrell (On Three Legs Photography & Oz Lens Rental), Alex Taylor (Visual Cocaine), James Macree (Lens Flare Photos) and Rene Kisselbach (Rene Kisselbach Photography) who run regular FREE photowalks for anyone willing to come along and join us. These photowalks are held throughout Sydney with big plans to visit all parts of Australia. To find out when the next one is, visit the Upcoming Photowalk page.

Not only that, but for an entire year, Rob and Ben recorded a fortnightly podcast where we covered a bunch of photography related topics like; photography locations, camera gear reviews, answer listener questions, interviews and much much more. Jump over to our podcast page, turn your speakers up, sit back and have a listen.

We hope to meet you soon at one of our photowalks! :)

The Photowalk Guys

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Our Photowalks are FREE and for anyone wanting to head out to a great photography location with a great bunch of people. Grab your camera's, come a long and join us! =)

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