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Photography Podcast Episode #1

WalkTALK with The PhotoWALK Guys


WT:001 Getting Started With Filters

The PhotoWALK Guys Podcast

Welcome to The PhotoWALK Guys very first podcast episode!

In this episode of WalkTALK we’ll let you know what to expect when tuning in on a fortnightly basis, plus, we asked you on Facebook what you wanted us to cover, and with answers spanning from tripods, to bags right through to filters. It was Filters than won in the end!

In this episode of WalkTALK…

  • Rob gives you the low down on a Photography Hot Spot that is suitable for just about any type of photography.
  • We chat about the newly announced Nikon D810 and Ben shares his thoughts on this new body with a quick comparison to his D800.
  • We answer a question that was raised on The PhotoWALK Guys Facebook page… Filters! What are they, and when and how to use them.
  • PLUS… We’ll let you know where and when the next photo walk is!

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    Hi Ben and Rob,

    Another great Podcast. Well done 🙂

    possible topics for future podcasts???

    Your rights as a photographer ie when and where you can take photo’s, privacy etc

    How to move from hobbyist to Pro Photographer maybe some of the considerations???

    What to look for in printers for printing photo’s???

    Cleaning / Care tips for your camera gear???

    A review of services like https://www.lenstag.com/ ???

    Interviews with beginner hobbyists, pro’s etc might add a different flavour to the podcast???

    Lens types ie which lens to use for particular photography ie landscape people, travel etc???

    Just a few ideas which you guys have probably thought about and I’m sure you have plenty already.


    1. Neil WILLIAMSON

      I guess further expanding on your rights as a photographer touch on copyright???


    2. Rob Potter

      Thanks so much for your feedback Neil, it is greatly appreciated. These are all great ideas and I will make note of them and see if we can’t cover them in upcoming episodes of the show. We also definitely plan on doing some interviews in the near future to get some other photography expertise and opinions on the show.
      Again thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback. All the best. =)

  2. James Creer

    Fantastic podcast! I’ve always been on the fense but definitely going to head out and buy a ND grad after listening to this. Thanks guys!

    1. Rob Potter

      Thanks so much James. Glad that you enjoyed it and good luck with the ND Grad. We hope it helps! =)


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