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Protecting your work

WT:003 Protecting your Work Online


Rob Potter in action on The Photowalk Guys podcast

WT:003 Protecting your Work Online

In the 3rd Episode of The Photowalk Guys Podcast, Ben Fewtrell and Rob Potter discuss a cool Sydney photography location that contains a shipwreck, we have a look at ‘Lucky Straps’ who recently sent Ben a very sexy looking Camera Strap and we chat about ‘how to protect your work online’ after Rob had a YouTube video stolen and re-uploaded as supposedly someone else’s. But wait, there’s more… We also chat about the upcoming Bradleys Head Photowalk and Stephanie makes a return… 😉

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Exciting News:

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Topics Covered:

Protect your work online

Cruwee Cove Shipwreck:

In this episode of the Podcast, Rob reviews Cruwee Cove Shipwreck. A brillant photography location, situted near La Perouse in Sydney. If you are looking for something to photograph that is a little outside the norm, then grab your camera and head down to this fantastic photgraphy location for a little photography adventure.

Lucky Straps:

Ben was lucky enough to be contact by Justin from Lucky Camera Straps to have, try and review one of their fantastic camera straps. We can honestly say that we have never seen such a high quality and good looking camera strap before which can be customised with you or your companies name. Very cool! 🙂

Protecting your work online:

As we mentioned earlier, Rob recently had a video photography review that he did of Manly, stolen from his YouTube Channel and re-uploaded as someone elses. Obviously this came as quite a shock to not only Rob but also Ben, due to just how brazen it was… This inspired the guys to chat about how to protect your images, videos and website content whenever you upload anything to the internet. We have lots of tips, ideas and stories to share with you on this topic. 🙂

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Remember to let us know who you think has the right to the monkey selfies..? You can do this by leaving us a comment below.

Next Photowalk

We are going to leave you in suspense a little bit longer… 😉 In the next podcast which will be releasing the details for the next photowalk which I can tell you, is nowhere near anywhere we have ever been. So listen into Episode #4 of the podcast which will be released on Tuesday the 26th of August to find out more.

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Thanks so much for listening and happy snapping.

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  1. Dagmar Krautloher

    I believe the photographer has the right to the photos. It was his camera and more importantly, his sd card. I know if someone used my gear, I would want them to at least ask permission to have the photos. BTW I just finished listening to your podcast and you two are naturals! My 18 year old daughter was listening with me and didn’t move from the lounge! So well done guys. Dagmar

    1. Rob Potter

      I am with you Dagmar. The images don’t happen with out the photographer having purchased the gear and paid for his trip to this island. Thanks so much for that mate, that is great feedback and we really appreciate both of you listening! 🙂

      1. Rob Potter

        That is a really cool tip James. I had no idea about that one. Thanks so much for sharing it with us! 🙂

    1. Rob Potter

      Haha. Me too James. 🙂
      Our pleasure James. Great photos to by the way of Somersby Falls. Hopefully we will see you again in the near future at another one of our photowalks.


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