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Understanding Camera Lenses

WT:004 Getting Started with Camera Lenses


Rob getting his talk on

In episode #4 of the Photography Podcast we, The Photowalk Guys, chat about why you need to get to the Auburn Botanical Gardens, Ben reviews his Really Right Stuff Tripod and we cover a question that a lot of people have been wanting us to speak about and that is Camera Lenses and what it is that you need to know about them.

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Exciting News

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Bradleys Head Photowalk:

In the last podcast we told that you that we were off to the Bradleys Head Photowalk and in this podcast we tell you about it. We speak about what took place, including a heap of weddings that were down there, the newbies, the light show that we put on and that beautiful photography location. We also listen to Part #1 of a bunch of little interviews that Rob did with people on the day.

We are now on iTunes:

As we mention in Episode #3 of the Photowalk Guys Podcast, we are now up on iTunes! This is really exciting and helps those people with an iPhone or that use iTunes, as you will now be able to subscribe and stay up to date with each episode of the podcast.

Shout out: A very big thank you to Simon for leaving us a 5 star review on iTunes. It is greatly appreciated! 😀

Photography Topics Covered:

The Auburn Botanical Gardens

In this episode we look at The Auburn Botanical Gardens in Sydney’s inner west. This is not a location that either of The Photowalk Guys have been to before, however the reason that we are reviewing it is becuase until the end of August the Cherry Blossom Festival is on. We think that this will make for some stunning photos and recommend checking it out with your cameras. Remember to let us know what you think?

Really Right Stuff Tripod

Ben loves his Really Right Stuff tripod and Rob loves trying to pinch it… We have a chat about what makes this tripod really right and why spending extra money on a tripod will improve your photography.

Camera Lens #1

Camera Lens is something that we have been asked to discuss on our podcast a few times now. However it is such a big topic that we have decided to break it up into 3 different episodes to make sure that we cover it properly. In this episode we start to examine some of the basics of camera lenses to hopefully give you a general understanding. We speak about things like; what are all the different numbers on a lens and what do they mean, the difference between prime and zoom lens, should you buy a Sigma or Tamron lens, what is fast glass, lens jargon and so much more.

In the next episode, or part 2 of our look at lenses, we will cover what lens you need for a particular photography subject… So listen to the next podcast for that. 🙂

The Next Photowalk:

We are off to Melbourne!!! Finally we will be getting outside of Sydney and visiting the Brighton Beach Huts on Sunday the 5th of October starting at 6:30pm. If you would like to find out all of the details, jump over to our upcoming photowalk page.

Everyone is welcome and we hope that you can make it. 🙂

Do you have any questions about Lenses?

If you have any questions about camera lenses that you would like for us answer, or try and answer, on a upcoming podcast, we would love to hear them. Simply put your questions below in the comments section and we will read them out and see if we can’t give you an answer.

Thanks so much for listening! 😀

All the best,
The Photowalk Guys

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