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Photography Podcast Episode 7

WT:007 Abandoned Building Photography


In episode 7 of our photography podcast we start the show off with something a little different… We act out a little intro specifically for this episode. More importantly we are joined by Alex Taylor of Visual Cocaine who is the abandoned building photography guru and pick his brain about this exciting, dangerous and controversial style of photography.

Plus we are in Melbourne and this podcast was recorded only a few hours after our Brighton Beach Photowalk, which was our very first one, out side of NSW.

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Latest News

Brighton Beach Photowalk

As mentioned, the Brighton Beach Photowalk has come and gone and while we had a lot of people who didn’t show up, we still had a great time meeting some new people and walking around taking photos of the colourful and iconic beach huts. We will have a few review up on the website soon. 🙂

Thank you Mix25

A very big thank you to Mix25 who left us a really nice 5 star review on iTunes. It is great to hear that people are enjoying the podcast and we really appreciate the reviews, especially as we get going with this photography podcast.

An abandoned building

Topics Covered:

Brighton Beach the Location:

It seemed only obvious to review the Brighton Beach Huts on the show having only just come from there a few hours before. The Beach Huts are a great place to visit with your camera if you are already in Melbourne of travelling to this beautiful city. It is certainly a location that makes you think about your photography a little more in search of a shot that is a little unique.

Really Right Stuff, BH-55 Ballhead:

For those people that have spent a little bit of money on their tripods, and we as The Photowalk Guys suggest you do, you might notice that you will have an interchangeable head… In episode 007 we chat specifically about the Really Right Stuff BH-55 Ballhead, why both Ben and Alex love it and how much it will cost.

Abandoned Building Photography with Alex Taylor:

Our main topic for this episode of the photography podcast, is Abandoned Building Photography. Ben and Rob quiz our special guest Alex Taylor of Visual Cocaine about all things to do with this type of photography. Alex is fantastic and shares with us his knowledge, tips and opinions as we discuss things like; what is urbex photography, the morals around abandoned building photography, trespassing, the gear you should use, locations you might like to try and how this is one of the most dangerous styles of photography you can get into.

Additional Resources:

The Wrap Up

What did you think?

We would love to hear what you think about Abandoned Building Photography and where you stand on it, right or wrong, good or bad. As we mentioned this can be quite a controversial topic, so did you agree with what we and Alex said or do you have different views. To let us know, simply pop them below in the comments section and we will reply to each of them. 🙂

Back in Sydney!

Our next photowalk will see us back in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. We will be visiting Dawes Park in the Rocks on Saturday the 13th of December and winding our way around to the Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal. For all of the details and to RSVP visit our upcoming photowalks page.

Thanks so much for listening!
The Photowalk Guys

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  1. Ralph

    In reply to the topic “Abandoned Building ” photography.
    Having been bitten by the adventure high of exploring abandoned places. One is confronted with two phases of recording the event. First is recording the history of the place. Why was it left to a slow decay. in some cases the daily paperwork and machines still in place. Secondly. Apart from vandals, there is some great graffiti art to be recorded.

    Yes,legally one is trespassing.
    As a Urbex Photographer in the UK uses as a motto. “Only take images and leave footprints. Might not be the best excuse when fronted by the law. But as Alex has stated. One is not there to steal or vandalise. There is a difference between a 7 dollar spray can and camera gear worth thousands.
    Safety is a issue, risk of falling due to unstable structure and the fear of asbestos.Then there is the unwanted factor.People that are there that might fancy your gear and will be more than obliged to take it off your hands. Never go alone, always go as two or a manageable group.
    Mobile,torch,water and good footwear are a must. Even a good quality dust mask or respirator for dust and fungal inhalation in damp areas.
    There are some great photographic opportunities to be found. It also becomes an obsession in researching the history.

    1. Rob Potter

      Awesome comment and points Ralph. Thanks so much for sharing them and all the best with your photography. 🙂

    1. Rob Potter

      Alex Taylor is an awesome photographer James. If you get a chance, you should also check out this work. 🙂


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