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Get started in Adobe Photoshop

WT:014 Getting started with Photoshop


In episode 14 of the Photowalk Guys Photography Podcast, we chat about getting started with Adobe Photoshop and share some helpful tips to get you processing with the best of them. We also speak about Led Lenser touchers to help you in those dark situations, plus we speak about our hot spot review is on ‘Somersby Falls’. Which coincidentally is the location for your January 2015 photowalk.

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Getting started with Photoshop

Photography Topics Covered:

Somersby Falls

Somersby Falls on the NSW Central Coast is a fantastic photography location and one filled with waterfalls. In fact there are 3 main ones that you will want to stop at and photograph. You will be better off visiting it in the cooler months to avoid all of the people there, visiting it for a swim. You will also need to be careful of your footing as it can be quite slippery.

Listen to Rob chat about his experience and see if it is a spot you would like to check out.

LED Lenser

LED Lenser make high quality and quite small torches that fit perfectly into your camera bag. Ben and Rob both picked them up in January after being recommend this type of touch by other photographers. Listen to Ben discuss the benefits of this type of touch as well as just the benefit of have a touch period.

Getting started with Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop can be a very daunting tool when you first start using it but it doesn’t have to be… For the main topic of this podcast, we give you 7 simple tips to get you started and feeling comfortable with using Adobe Photoshop. This will benefit you greatly as you begin your journey with processing your photos.

Joins us at Somersby Falls

Our first photowalk for 2015 is on the 31st of January at 4pm at Somersby Fall in…. Wait for it… Somersby on the NSW Central Coast. It is a free photowalk and we encourage anyone and everyone to come along and join us for an afternoon of sausages and photography.

For more information visit our Upcoming Photowalks Page.

Thanks for listening! 🙂

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  1. James Creer

    The 7 tips are really helpful.
    Lots of my mates have LED Lenser and I agree they are fantastic to add to your kit. Myself I prefer my Black Diamond Storm Headlamp, but its a bit difficult to use for exposure shots.

    1. Rob Potter

      Glad to hear James. Hope they help you nail Photoshop and improve your post processing. I am actually looking for a good headlamp, so I will have to check out the Black Diamond Storm Headlamp. Thanks for leaving a comment. 🙂


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