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Interview with Shotkit

WT:015 Taking a look inside of ShotKit.com


In episode #15 of our photography podcast we are joined by Mark Condon, the owner and creator of ShotKit.com to discuss this fascinating website and exactly what photographers have in their camera bags. Rob Potter also reviews St Kilda Pier down in Melbourne and Ben Fewtrell speaks about the Fuji 10-24mm Wide Angle lens.

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Photography Topics Covered:

St Kilda Pier photographed by Rob Potter

St Kilda Pier Melbourne

St Kilda Pier is a beautiful spot to visit with your camera, especially for sunset. In this episode, Rob discusses photographing this location in depth and how you can walk away with your own stunning photos of this iconic Melbourne location.

Fuji 10-24mm Wide Angel

If you are a Fuji user and love your landscape photography, then this is going to be one lens that you certainly want in your camera bag. Listen in as Ben Fewtrell speaks about the ins and outs of using the Fuji 10-24mm lens and if this lens is for you.

Mark Condon - ShotKit.com

Our Interview with Mark Condon

The Photowalk Guys were thrilled to be joined by none other than Mark Condon from the photography website, shotkit.com. For those of you that have not yet heard of this website, Shotkit allows photographers from all across the world to submit images and information about exactly what is in their camera bags and what they take to a shoot.

This is a great interview in which Mark shares with us his idea for Shotkit and how it came to be. Plus we speak about what photographers do carry and how you can tell what type of photography they do, by just looking in their bag.

A must listen! 🙂

Join us at Canberra

Join us for sunrise on Sunday the 8th of March for a walk around the Canberra Hot Air Ballon Festival. This is going to be quite an exciting photowalk and something completely different to anything that we have done before. If you would like to join us please visit our upcoming photowalk page for all of the details.

Thanks so much for listening! 🙂
The Photowalk Guys

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  1. James Creer

    I’d never heard of shotkit.com before. I’ll be heading down to the pier next time i’m in Melbourne too. Another great podcast thanks guys!

    1. Rob Potter

      Pleasure James. Enjoy looking through ShotKit and St Kilda Pier. Great Hot Spot! 🙂


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