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How to start a photography website

WT:016 How to Start a Photography Website


In episode #16 of our Photography Podcast, we focus on giving our listeners lots of great advice about starting a photography website and some of the options that are available to you. Rob also shares a photography hot spots that he loves on Sydney’s Eastern Beaches – Gordon Bay. And Ben reviews an incredibly handy piece of gear known as the ‘L Bracket’ and how that can help you and your photography.

Plus we have a very interesting iTunes review… 😉

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Photography News

We are now on Stitcher!

Well nearly… We have submitted the Photowalk Guys Photography Podcast to Stitcher and are just waiting for confirmation that it has been added to their feed. Stay tuned and we will let you know as soon as this has happened…

iTunes Review

A very big thank you to Nadjapo Eats Cupcakes for the 5 stars and very interesting iTunes review. We have shared a photo of it below so that you too can read it. We really do appreciate each and every iTunes, and hopefully Stitcher reivew, we get and would encourage those who haven’t yet – to also leave us a review.

5 Star iTunes Review

Upcoming Photography Workshop

In this episode Ben and Rob were excited to announce the first every ‘Photowalk Guys Workshop’. We will have more details for you soon but Ben will be running a ‘using your camera’ class and right after that, Rob will be showing people how to utilise the power of Adobe Photoshop to improve their photos.

The class will be before the upcoming Mount Tomah Photowalk on the 9th of May 2015 with more details to be released soon…

Photography Topics:

Rob reviews Gordons Bay in Sydney

Gordons Bay Reserve

Rob loves Gordons Bay because it is so stunningly different to any other beach in NSW and possibly even Australia. That is because the beach is covered by a timber platform where fisherman leave their little tinnies. The combination of the beach, timber slates, metal boats and more – all make for some stunning images.

The L-Bracket

The L-Bracket is a metal bracket in the shape of an L and screws into the bottom of your camera. This then allows you to quickly and easily swap the position of your camera on your tripod from portrait to landscape and back again. Listen in as Ben chats about the L-Bracket and all of its many benefits.

Getting a Photography Website

The main topic of Episode #16, is how to get a photography website up and running. Ben picks the brains of Rob, who has a web development background, to help you work out how to get going with this seemingly daunting task. In particular the guys cover some of the many different ways in which you can get a website, depending on your situation, and what you need have plus much much more.

Resources mentioned:

Remember to let us know if you too have used any of the above resources and any experiences, good or bad, that you might have had with them. You can to do this by leaving your thoughts in the comments section below.

Upcoming Canberra Photowalk

We are all set for our Canberra Hot Air Ballon Photowalk on the morning of the 8th of March 2015. It should be a fantastic photowalk and quite different to anything that we have done before it. For all of the details, please visit our ‘Upcoming Photowalk‘ page.

Thanks so much for listening! 🙂

The Photowalk Guys

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  1. James Creer

    I’ve never had an issue with Australian hosting company VentraIP and their sister site Zuver. Their prices are very reasonable and minimal downtime. In the times I’ve had to log a support ticket (granted only once) they replied very quickly and got my issue sorted for me (was my fault).

    WordPress is definitely a great piece of web software with lots of support and plugins available.

    1. Rob Potter

      Thanks so much for sharing James. 😀


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