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Get your photography mojo back

WT:017 7 Tips for Finding your Photography Mojo


In expisode #17 of our photography podcast, we focus on a topic that does strike all photographers at one or more times in their photography life… How to find your photography mojo when it is lost. In fact we share our 7 tips for how you can best do this and how you can get back to enjoying your photography. 🙂

Plus Rob and Ben chat about the Observation Deck in Surfers Paradise Queensland and we chat about two new cameras that Canon and Nikon have recently announced. One that is really going to turn the photography industry on its head and the other… not so much. 😉

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Photography News

Okay… Now we are on Stitcher

We announced in episode #16 of our photography podcast, that we we had submitted our podcast to Stitcher for Android users. We are now happy to confirm that our podcast is now there and we hope that this will allow people to find and listen to each of our shows every fortnight.

iTunes Review

A very big thank you to Harry from Mellos Photography, for leaving us a 5 start iTunes review. We are absolutley stoked to hear that Harry is enjoying the podcast and is wanting to recommend it to others. Thanks Harry! 🙂

5 star iTunes review

It is spreading…

We are now in 33 countries including Poland but not yet Madagascar much to Rob’s dismay 😉 . This is so very cool and incredibly humbling and hopefully, one day, we can take some of our photowalks overseas.

Photography Topics:

Q1 Observation Deck at Surfers Paradise

Q1 Skypoint Observation Deck

This episodes photography hot spot review, is reviewed by Ben, as the Q1 Skypoint Observations Deck on Queensland’s Surfers Paradise, is a photography location that he as been to and shared on Hot Spots. If you are looking for a great vantage point to snap some stunning nigh photos of Surfers Paradise all lit up – this is one Hot Spot well worth checking out!

New Cannon and Nikon Cameras:

Canon 5DS

How would you like a 50MP Digital SLR for under $4000? Well you are in luck… because Canon are close to releasing the ‘Canon 5Ds‘ which is going to be a beast of a camera and one that will certainly challenge the Nikon D810 as a different option to using a medium format camera.

Nikon D810a

Nikon are releasing a new version of one of there flagship cameras, the Nikon D810a. This camera is purely for Astro Photography. Very niche!

Getting your Photography Mojo back!

Enjoying your photography is important but every now and again you may experience a bit of a rut and lack of motivation. Both Ben and Rob have experienced this and it can really bring an enjoyable hobby or career to a screaming halt.

In this episode, Rob and Ben share their 7 tips for helping you break out of a photography rut and get your mojo pumping and your photos looking spectacular.

Resources mentioned:

Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens

We haven’t quite confirmed the details for the next photowalk, other than to say that it will be at the Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens in the Blue Mountains and is going to be in the afternoon of the 9th of May. Check back soon for more details or continue to listen into the podcast.

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  1. James Creer

    Good timing. My camera hasn’t been out much since the last photowalk. Definitely keen to take the 10.5mm fisheye out and leave the rest at home for a trip out.
    Love the hint from Ben regarding shooting at the Q1 and avoiding the glare.

    1. Rob Potter

      Maybe you could use Fisheye at the Q1 building James. 😉 Hopefully you can get the camera back out soon and check out one of the locations on your list. From your comments that I have seen, this list is growing. 😉 Thanks mate!


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