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Learn how to choose the right camera bag

WT:018 Choosing the Right Camera Bag


In Episode #18 of our photography podcast, Ben and Rob chat about camera bags and what to consider when choosing the right one for you. Plus Rob reviews Walls Lookout in the Blue Mountains and Ben speaks about two different wide angle lens that will get Cannon uses super excited!

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Photography News

Canberra Hot Air Balloon Photowalk:

We have now finished our Canberra Hot Air Balloon festival Photowalk and while it was a lot of fun, unfortunately the Balloons didn’t quite get off the ground. However a very big thank you to all of those people that made the trip to Canberra for the photowalk and either drove many hours and/or got up really early to join us.

Photography Topics:

Walls Lookout Blue Mountains

Walls lookout

If you are looking for a great lookout in the New South Wales Blue Mountains to photograph, we cannot recommend highly enough Walls Lookout. Listen in as Rob shares his thoughts and tips for photographing this fantastic location.

New Wide Angle Lenses

Both Tamron and Canon have released new wide angle lenses that will compete with the very popular Nikon 14 to 24mm lens. The Tamron is a 15-30mm f2.8 and is priced at a very respectable $1500 and the Canon is an 11-24mm f4 with Vibration Reduction but at around the $3000 price point. Ben and Rob share their thoughts about each of these lenses and which one you should get.

Picking a great camera bag is really important and out of all your camera gear, is probably going to be your most used piece of equipment. Our main discussion for this podcast is about camera bags and in particular the different types of bags, what not to do with them and what you need to ask yourself before making a purchase. Plus much much more!

We hope it helps. 😉

Upcoming Photowalks:

Our next photowalk will be at the beautiful Blue Mountains/Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens on Saturday the 9th of May from 3pm to 5pm. If you haven’t yet been for his place, then you really are in for a treat and should grab a friend and come along.

Plus we will be holding our first ever Photowalk Guys Photography Workshop. This will be at the same place between 10am and 2pm and focus on learning how best to use your camera with Ben and then understand Photoshop with Rob.

We will have more information about the workshop and photowalk up on the website soon. 🙂

Thanks for listening,
The Photowalk Guys

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  1. James Creer

    Keen to head back out to Walls lookout to actually take some photos as the previous trips were during the Bushfires and also with Uni. I would say its worth 10/10 for sure. I’ve never seen the gate shut before either, but better to be safe than sorry I guess.
    Hassans Walls Lookout is another great spot which is not to far away too.
    I’ve always known it as Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens as well. Hopefully I’m free to come along this time, I missed the Canberra one 🙁
    Comment away! Wahoo I managed to comment on all the podcasts!

    1. Rob Potter

      Yeah, I haven’t yet checked out Hassans Walls Lookout although it has been shared on Photography Hot Spots. I will need to check that out soon.
      WELL DONE! I will be in touch to send you a copy of my ebook, Sydney – 30 locations in 30 days. 😀

  2. phototyke

    Hey Guys…great podcast as usual……had to share a story on bags since it was a topic from the show…..I was covering a FFA Cup football game in Sydney last year, decent crowd since Sydney FC were playing…..early in the game I was hit on the shoulder by a ‘flare’ not the trouser variety I hasten to add…it bounced off my shoulder and onto my Lowepro Vertex 200AW,after the initial shock I realised what was happening and attempted to kick it away…..there was some sortr of ‘fusion’ happening between bag/flare/synthetic pitch so it took a few attempts…..happy to say the bag survived really well with only some ‘phosphorous’ looking marks and a partially burnt waist belt…….could have been a lot worse……have a photo to share taken by a buddy from the Telegraph much to his amusement……..thks,keep up the good work,Nigel Owen

    1. Rob Potter

      Thanks so much for sharing your story Nigel. That is an impressive testimonial for the Bag and good to hear that no serious damage was done to bag or gear. Thanks also for the feedback. All the best. 😀


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