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Al Mabin photography inteview

Rural Lifestyle Photographer Al Mabin


In Episode #19 of the Photowalk Guys Podcast, we interview Australian young entrepreneur of the Year and 3 times best seller Alyce Mabin who gives us insight into being a rural lifestyle photographer, taking a risk and self publishing your own coffee table book which she sold out in the first week! πŸ™‚

And if that isn’t enough for our ear drums; Rob reviews what is now one of his favourite photography locations in the history of the world – the pristine Dove Lake in Tasmania. The Ben review the Canon, yes Canon, 50mm f1.2 lens. We also speak about the upcoming Mount Tomah photowalk and say a big thank you to everyone that left us a review on iTunes and commented on the website.

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Photowalk Guys News

On the moooove

iTunes Review:

We had our biggest response yet to people leaving us virtual high 5’s in iTunes, which is great… Because it lets other know that they are enjoying the podcast and it is worth listening too. A very big thank you to Harald Saltis Photography, Peter_1960 and philliby777.

We greatly appreciate your support! =)

Comment Competition:

In Episode #18, Ben issued a snap challenge for someone to comment on every single podcast that we have done so far. Rob then backed that challenge up with a prize, which would be a copy of his Sydney eBook – ‘Sydney, 30 Locations in 30 Days‘.

We were over the moon and to be honest a little surprised as well, to have Jason Creer complete the challenge. This means that Jason spent the time, listened to each episode and then went through and commented on each episode within the Photowalk Guys website.

A big thank you to Jason and we hope that he enjoys the eBook. πŸ™‚

Photography Topics

Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain

The Beautiful Dove Lake:

Rob rates Dove Lake as being in his top 3 photography locations in Australia and we are sure that if you have been to Dove Lake then you will understand. In this episode of the podcast, Rob and Ben both chat about this location, the places to visit and what happened to Rob in the car park.

50mm f1.2 photo by Lina Hayes

We finally look at an actual Canon lens! πŸ˜‰

Lina Hayes, who is the Canon Lens Ambassador for Oz Lens Rental, recently road tested the Canon 50mm f1.2 on both an engagement and newborn Photoshoot. Lina was that impressed with the lens that she went out and purchased one. Ben chats about the lens, what he thinks about it and what Lina said about it.

Taking a moment break

Al Mabin Photography Interview:

Alice Mabin chats with the photowalk guys about what it is like to be a photographer in the Australian Outback and risk it all on self publishing her own book. Al talks about where the idea of the book came from, putting it all together, selling it and why she is about to do it all again. Al is great and answers all of the hard hitting and Ray Martin like questions that the guys come up with. πŸ˜‰

This was a fantastic interview, one which Al shares loads of great stories and information and one which we think that you will absolutely love! πŸ™‚

Remember too that Alice is giving away a signed copy of her book ‘The Drover’ to the person that leaves the ‘best one-liner about Australia’ in the comments below. Good luck! πŸ™‚

Find out more about Al Mabin:

The Drover Book

The wrap up

Join us at Mount Tomah:

Our next photowalk is on Saturday the 9th of May at the beautiful Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens and we would love it if you came along and joined us for what should be a really fun day. For all of the details visit our upcoming photowalks page. See you soon.

Follow Lina Hayes:

Lina Hayes got a few mentions during this episode of the podcast and for very good reason – she is a brilliant photographer. If you would like to see more of Lina’s photography, check out: http://wildatheartphotography.com.au

Thanks for listening! πŸ˜€

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  1. Andrew (RooPoo)

    Cow bell or pun bell?!!

  2. Simon Leonard

    I have to share a favourite from Austen Tayshus:
    “Nulla-bors me to tears”

    My lame contribution:
    Droving sounds a mooooving experience. Udderly impressed with this episode.

    Thanks for your great work guys – virtual high five for the right mix of humour, inspiration, and information. Lovin’ this podcast.

  3. John Hollis

    The gravy train has just pulled into the station, time to get off and get a job!

  4. Greg Heath

    Shut the flamin’ gate, Mate!

  5. Greg Heath

    Here are a couple of one liners ….

    Thick as two short planks.
    Stone the crows
    Flat out like a lizard drinking
    Rare as hen’s teeth
    fair dinkum
    cow cocky (a cattle farmer)
    not within Cooee of here
    Strike a light
    Wouldn’t be dead for quids

    Nice podcast guys πŸ™‚

  6. Lloyd Kasper

    Take a Look at a Book which a long time it took, a Stack of Snaps from the Track in the Outback.

    Great Podcast, thanks…

  7. Catherine Thuaux

    I’m going to take the non-comedic angle at this one-liner competition and go with:

    ‘Clancy’s gone to Queensland droving, and we don’t know where he are.’

    from the famous poem “Clancy of the Overflow”. As photographers, I’m sure many of us like to take our cameras out and explore, not really knowing exactly where or what we’ll find, so I think this line fits in well for photographers and Al’s book theme!

    Great podcast, guys, thanks for all the info.


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