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Taking photos in public places

WT:020 Taking Photos in Public Places


In episode #20 of our photography podcast, we cover one of the most highly debated and highly discussed photography topics of all time… Taking photos in public places! This is by no means legal advice, but both Ben Fewtrell and Rob Potter share their thoughts on the matter from photographing people in the street to taking a few photos at concerts.

Also Rob is back with another photography location review, this one being for the destination of our upcoming photowalk – The Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens and then Ben chats about this beloved SMDV RFN4s. Which as we find out during the podcast, is not a stars wars character but a Remote Wireless Trigger.

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iTunes Review:

We always get such a buzz out of seeing iTunes reviews as it is one of the only ways that we get some feedback about our shows. In the past fortnight, both Mix25 & Dobin3 have both left us a 5 star rating on iTunes and letting us know what they think of the show.

A very big thank you to each of you and a virtual high 5 coming your way! 🙂

Photography Topics

The Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens

Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens:

The beautiful Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens is the photography location that Rob reviews this week but it is also the location for our upcoming photowalk in May.

If you haven’t get been to the Mount Tomah Botancial Gardens, the are also known as the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens, and are on Bells Line of Road at Mount Tomah New South Wales. It is a beautiful location, built of 28 hectares and contains 8 different gardens. Listen in to hear more about this fabulous location.


Remote triggers are a must for any landscape photographer but a wireless one is even better. Ben reviews a wireless remote trigger that he has been using for sometime now, known as the SMDV RFN4s. This is a Nikon trigger but we also speak about a Canon Equivalent.

Taking photos in Public Places:

And that brings us to one of the biggest cans of worms that we have opened thus far on our photography podcast… There are many different opinions and shades of grey when it comes to taking a photo in public places and what you can and can’t do. In this episode we simply try to shade the grey a little lighter for you…

Read Ben’s full article that we refer to in episode #20: http://onthreelegs.com/2015/03/26/taking-photos-in-public-places-know-your-rights/

Please remember that this is just Ben and Rob having a chat and is by no means legal advice. If you are concerned that you might be in breach please see further professional advice. On the other hand we would also love to hear you opinion and you can do this by leaving your comments below in the comments section.

Upcoming Photowalk and Workshop

As mentioned we will be running our next photowalk at the beautiful Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens which we reviewed in this podcast. Please come along and join us for what should be a great afternoon of photography. You can find all of the details for the walk on our upcoming photowalks page.

In addition the Guys will be running their first ever joint photography workshop. This workshop will be split into two parts with Ben showing people how to use their cameras and Rob showing everyone how to harness the power of photos to help with the post processing of images.

Tickets are $97 and you can RSVP here: http://bit.ly/tpwgworkshopmay2015

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