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Vivid Sydney Special

WT:021 Vivid Sydney Special


It’s raining and it’s getting cold… This can only mean one of two things – either you are listening to this podcast in England (and if so – hello to you) or Vivid Sydney is upon us. In episode 21 of our photography podcast, The Photowalk Guys are doing their first ‘Special’ of sorts and concentrating this entire podcast on the spectacle that is – Vivid Sydney!

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Vivid Sydney Piano Man

Photowalk Guys News

New Virtual High 5!

A very big thank you too ‘Harald Saltis Photography’ who recently left us a 5 Star Review, or what we like to call it, a virtual high five. We really appreciate your support Harald and your iTunes review will help more people find our photography podcast. Thanks Harald! 🙂

We have a winner

As promised, in this episode we announce the winner of the signed copy of Al Mabin’s 3 time best selling rural photography book, ‘The Drover’. The winner is Lloyed Kasper with this very cool and creative statement:

Take a Look at a Book which a long time it took, a Stack of Snaps from the Track in the Outback.

Lloyd, if you could please jump over to The Photowalk Guys Facebook page and leave us a message with your details, we will be able to pass them onto Al Mabin and get you your signed copy of her book.

Congrats! 🙂

Our Vivid Sydney Special

Vivid Hot Spots:

In this video Rob Potter review 10 photography locations that all give you a great shot of what is being displayed on the Sydney Opera House and surrounding buildings. Some of them are better than others but all are worth checking out… Especially the ones that are up high! 😉

The Harbour Bridge during Vivid

Vivid Photography Gear:

Next up Ben Fewtrell, chats about the different types of camera gear that you should take with you to Vivid in order to capture some great photos once you have arrived at your location. There are some obvious ones their, a camera does help, but some other things that you will also want to make sure that you pack.

Vivid Camera Settings:

There are really two lots of thinking when it comes to taking photos at Vivid Sydney and the two different types of camera settings that will get you the greatest results. Both Ben and Rob share what these settings are and their thoughts about which one you should use.

Avoiding the crowds at Vivid:

The greatest complaint that both Ben and Rob here about Vivid Sydney is that it is ‘Too crowded!’ This lead Rob to write an article over on Photography Hot Spots title; Read Rob’s article, 5 Ways to Beat the Crowds at Vivid Sydney. Check it out now! 🙂

Helpful Links:

Government House during Vivid

Upcoming Photowalk & Workshop

Join both Ben and Rob, this coming Saturday for both a photography workshop and a photowalk around the beautiful Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens. The Photography Workshop focuses on both how to use your camera as well as how to then process your photos in Photoshop. The Photowalk then follows and we would love you to join us explore the 8 fabulous gardens that you will see at the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens.

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  1. Simon Leonard

    GUTTED!! I think it’s harder coming second than last!?! So close yet so far.
    On a serious note, I really appreciated the VIVID podcast. My family are travelling on our first family plane trip, and we are heading to Sydney toward the end of the of the festival, so I really appreciated your tips. Looking forward to experiencing the VIVID event.

    1. Ben Fewtrell

      Thanks for your efforts mate! You will love Vivid, make sure you share your photos with us when you’re back!

  2. Glenn

    Great podcast guys, some great tips on shooting this spectacular event. My tip to avoiding the crowds would be, don’t be afraid to travel outside the Circular Quay / Milsons Point triangle ! Vivid has expanded this year and there’s so much more to shoot than just the Bridge & Opera House. Check out all the different precincts here : http://www.vividsydney.com/precincts


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