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In episode #23 of our photography podcast, we chat about those handy apps that live on your smartphone and help photographers research locations, take better photos and much more. All up we have 10 apps for you to check out.

Plus Rob Potter reviews the NSW North Coast photography location of Nobbys Head Lighthouse, which coincidentally is our next photowalk location. Ben Fewtrell also chimes in and review the Canon 70D. Yes you read right… A Canon camera! 😉

The Photowalk Guys News

Rob’s Photoshop Workshop:

Rob is back and running another Photoshop class this July. The 4 hour Introduction to Photoshop class will be held at the Wetlands Centre in Newcastle on the 18th of July starting at 10am. Seats are limited to 12 places and tickets are $39.

Ben’s discounting lenses:

Oz Lens Rental are currently running a discount to celebrate the end of the financial year. For a short time you can get a massive discount when hiring a lens or camera. Check it out now and take advantage of this great promotion.

  • Code Word: EOFY

Nobbys Head Lighthouse

Photography Topics

Nobbys Head Lighthouse:

As we mentioned before, Nobbys Head Lighthouse is the destination of our next photowalk which is a great reason to review it on this episode of the photography podcast. So if you are in Newcastle or heading up that way soon, listen into what Rob has to say about this great sunset photography location.

Canon 70D:

Ben needed a digital camera that had exceptional video functionality for his Business Coaching business. He picked up a brand new Canon 70D camera and has been very impressed with it so far. Listen in to hear what Ben has to say about this fantastic entry level camera.

Photography Apps:

Apps can make your life so much easier, especially if you are a photographer. A big shout out to Nick Peel for giving us the idea for this Podcast, in which we share 10 Apps that each photographer should have on their smart phone.

The photography apps we review are:

  1. Shutter Spots – Free
  2. One of a Kind – Free
  3. Sun Seeker & Moon Seeker – Not cheap
  4. The photographer’s Emphemeris – $10.99
  5. Filter Storm – $4.99
  6. Lapse it – $2.99
  7. GPS4CAM – $4.99
  8. Lenstag – Free
  9. Star Tracker – $2.99
  10. Trip Advisor – Free

We hope this list of photography apps helps and if you have a favourite app that you can’t live without, please share it below in the comments section.

Nobbys Head Lighthouse Photowalk! =)

Come along and join both Rob Potter and Ben Fewtrell at Nobbys Head Lighthouse on Saturday the 11th of July. Our photowalks are free and for anyone that loves photography and want’s to be apart of a fun group.

Check out our upcoming photowalk page for all of the details for this photowalk.

Thanks so much for listening! 🙂

The Photowalk Guys

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  1. Alex Taylor

    All over it on this one Rob.
    Lapse it was exactly the app I used for the stuff I was shooting at Vivid on my phone. Awesome application with the potential for alot of different options.


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