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Making the Switch to Medium Format


In episode #24 of our photography podcast Ben is joined by a special guest co-host while Rob chucks a sickie!

No stranger to the podcast, Alex Taylor tries his best to be punny, but struggles to live up to the RBDJ standards.

Ben and Alex chat about a lesser known hot spot, Kimber Lane at Haymarket. Alex uploaded it to Photographyhotspots.com.au back in April 2013 and says he is due for a return visit!

We then chat about an impressive little camera that packs a big punch, the Samsung NX-500. Ben was surprised with how good this camera is… Geeeeeez, those Korean’s can sure pack a lot of features into a small package.

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Rob’s Photoshop Workshop:

Rob still has places for his Photoshop class this July. The 4 hour Introduction to Photoshop class will be held at the Wetlands Centre in Newcastle on the 18th of July starting at 10am. Seats are limited to 12 places and tickets are $39.

Ben’s discounting lenses:

Oz Lens Rental are currently running a discount to celebrate the end of the financial year. For a short time you can get a massive discount when hiring a lens or camera. Check it out now and take advantage of this great promotion.

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Photography Hot Spot Kimber Lane

Photography Topics

Hot Spot Review – Kimber Lane, Haymarket:

Alex chats about a not so well known hot spot in Sydney, Kimber Lane in Haymarket and shares his thoughts on the best time of day, the gear you need and how to get the best shot.

Samsung NX-500:

While Alex was waiting for his new beast of a camera to arrive, he got the photography jitters, and needed something to take a shot or two that was relatively cost effective and ended up with the amazing Samsung NX-500.

We chat about what compromises you will make by owning this camera and hear Ben’s jaw hit the table as he discovered how many features this camera has considering the price Alex paid for it [he may as well as stole it!]

A photo from the Samsung NX-500

The Switch to Medium Format:

After Ben executes a really poorly done drum roll, Alex reveals why he sold all of his Canon gear [just about everything he owns] and has ordered a Pentax 645Z medium format camera.

Ben and Alex chat about the in’s and out’s of making the switch, the benefits and the drawbacks.

Nobbys Head Lighthouse Photowalk! =)

Come along and join both Rob Potter and Ben Fewtrell at Nobbys Head Lighthouse on Saturday the 11th of July. Our photowalks are free and for anyone that loves photography and want’s to be apart of a fun group.

Check out our upcoming photowalk page for all of the details for this photowalk.


Leave your comments to win!

Leave your best pun in the comments along with your camera type for your chance to win the use of Alex’s 21mm ZIESS lens (Canon Mount) or a lens from the Oz Lens Rental Nikon or Fuji range for the duration of the Nobby’s Head Lighthouse Photowalk.

We will choose one winner for each camera type and reveal before the photowalk.

Judging will be based on how hard Rob laughs… Good Luck!

Thanks so much for listening! 🙂

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  1. Andrew Gowenlock

    With Rob missing from the podcast, it sounds like he’s been ‘robbing ‘ the puns!!! BAM!


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