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Low Light Photography Tips

WT:025 11 Low Light Photography Tips


Rob Potter is back this week and joins Ben Fewtrell in episode #25 of The Photowalk Guys Podcast and the guys chat about Low Light Photography. Together, although it was mostly Ben who came up with the tips, they chat about 11 different tips and things that you can do when faced with a low light situation.

Plus Rob reviews the Bay of Fires, a fantastic photography location on the east coast of Tasmania. And Ben reviews the Color Spyder and why that is so important to your photographs.

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The weekend after our Nobbys Head Lighthouse photowalk, Rob is back in Newcastle and teaching a 4 hour Photoshop class for people who are relatively new to using this fantastic program. Tickets are only $39.95 and there are still spots left. Find out more information and then come along and join us and help take your photography to the next level.

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The Alex and Ben Competition:

Alex Taylor of Visual Cocaine and Ben Fewtrell threw out a challenge in episode #24 of our podcast to leave a funny pun in the comments section. The best pun would have the choice of using Alex’s Zeiss Canon lens, or one of Ben’s Nikon or Fuji lens. Jump over to episode #24 and put your funny thinking hat on. Good luck! 🙂

Photography Podcast Topics

The Bay of Fires in Tasmania

Bay of Fires:

The Bay of Fires is on the East coast of Tasmania and contains a wide area of beautifully coloured orange rocks that cover the shore line. It is a fantastic photography location and one that is great at any time of the day. It is also a great location to let the kids run off and explore the area while you relax and enjoy your photography. Listen into hear what Rob has to say about it and see if it is a location that you would like to photograph for yourself.

Color Spyder:

Ben reviews the Color Spyder and in particular the Color Spyder 4 Pro and why it is so important to your photographs that you calibrate your monitor. Listen to Ben and see if it is something that you should be getting.

Our 11 Low Light Photography Tips:

There are so many instances where you will find yourself battleing low light situations and wondering what on earth you can do about it. Well we are excited to say that in this episode, we have not 1… not 2… but 11 different low light photography tips to help you out in those difficult situations. Listen in and let us know what you think.

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Thanks so much for listening! 🙂

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