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The Bradleys Head Group Photo

Bradleys Head Photography Review

Another photowalk and another great time had by all! Well, at least us anyway… 😉

For this photowalk we decided to head down to Bradley’s Head Reserve in Sydney. This is such a beautiful location and well known for it’s great sunset photography opportunities. When going around and speaking to people about this location, I was a little surprised at how many people hadn’t yet been to Bradley’s Head, although I think that this is one of the best things about these photowalks… It gives people a reason to visit a location that they might not have otherwise seen. 🙂

We were both also pleasantly surprised to see so many new faces joining us for their first photowalk and enjoying the experience. It is always great to get the opportunity to meet new people and find out what it is that they like about photography and their reason for coming along. Thankfully mother nature was also good to us and treated us to a great sunset!

A few brides…

The risk that we always ran with hosting a photowalk at Bradley’s Head on a Saturday afternoon was the fact that we would be sharing it with a bridal party using it as the backdrop for their wedding portraits. So we weren’t over surprised to find a couple their, being photographed and celebrating their wedding day. However we could not have predicted a total of 4 bridal parties showing up, all to be captured at this stunning location.

We would like to thank everyone for not getting in the way of each of these couples and their photographers as they went about capturing their special day. Although, from a distance, the brides and grooms did give the photowalkers something else to photograph and try their own hands at a bit of wedding photography. I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for the brides who must have been wondering what in the world was going on with a mass of photographers clicking a way. However I think between their photographers and all of us, we covered their wedding from every angle imaginable… 😉

Ben impresses with his arial skills

A talking point of late for The Photowalk Guys and Ben especially, has been Drone Photography and it’s rise, pardon the pun, in popularity. Ben is really enjoying his Quadcopter and brought that down to try something new and use it to take the group photos. As you can see from the group photo, the photos that Ben did capture with his quadcopter were fantastic and really gave this group photo a real uniqueness from the others.

Rob interviewing photowalkers

Photo taken by: Dagmar Krautloher

Rob stalks people with a microphone

Armed with a microphone, I went around and asked a few questions of different people, that wanted to, about the photowalks and what they thought. This was the first time that we have done this but we figure it will be really good for listeners of the podcast to hear. This will now be sliced up and played in Episode #4 of the photography podcast when it is released in a couple of weeks time.

Creating light balls at Bradleys Head

Light shows proving popular

Bradley’s Head Reserve is tailor made for steel wool and light balls/globes as it has that really cool stone wharf that runs out from the shore line and allows you to do all of these fancy light shows while people capture you from the safety of the shoreline. Well at least we thought it was safe… We did however find out that a couple of minutes after a ferry had sailed by that waves would come out of no where, aka the Sea, and crash against rocks and send photographers running. All in all though it was a lot of fun and part of the photowalk that people are really enjoying trying their hands at.

A big thanks!

Rene Kisselbach:

I thought that we might be a little out of luck with the very popular steel wool show as Alex Taylor, our resident piro, was unavailable… However Rene Kisselbach, volunteered on the day and brought a long his steel wool, whisk and lighter. Rene did a great job of treating people to a steel wool show, while still causing a little bit of mischief here and there. 😉

Albert Chetcuti:

Albert who is only new to our photowalks, had come along to our Mrs Macquaries Chair photowalk, seen the light shows that we did and then decided to try it for himself, which is awesome. Albert was great and on this photowalk offering to jump in and help us out with both the light globes and the steel wool. And you know that they say… Two heads is better than one.

A very big thank you to both Rene and Albert! 🙂

Upcoming Photowalk…

We are very close to announcing the dates and whereabout of the next photowalk which I can tell you, has been scheduled for October. Like the interviews, make sure that you are listening in to Episode #4 of the podcast to find out excactly when and where it will be.

Happy snapping,
Rob Potter
The funny 1/2 of the Photowalk Guys

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