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Brighton Beach Photowalk Group Shot

Brighton Beach Photowalk Review

Well we finally did it… We held our very first photowalk outside of New South Wales and actually had people turn up! We can now officially call ourselves international photowalkers… 😉

The October long weekend in Sydney provided us with a fantastic opportunity to organise a photowalk in another Australian state and we had been getting a lot of requests from people in Victoria to head down that way. I, Rob, have been wanting to visit the Brighton Beach Huts for quite sometime after seeing so many great iconic photos being produced from that location and thought that this would be a great place to hold our first Melbourne Photowalk.

For once I got it right… 😉

Brighton Beach Huts by Ben Fewtrell

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach did prove to be a fantastic location for a photowalk, with so many different coloured huts on display. Also the fact that the beach was quite long and there were plenty of huts, allowed us to spread out and to try and capture the usual regulatory photographs you see of the Beach Huts but also some unique individual ones which were really cool. If you haven’t yet made it to Brighton to check out the Beach Huts – you really should. And if you would like to have a sticky beak at some of the fantastic photos that were taken on the day, other than the ones that are here, visit The Photowalk Guys Facebook page and check them out. 🙂

A big thank you to all that joined us!

A very big thank you to everyone that joined us for our first Melbourne Photowalk. It was great to get the opportunity to meet so many new like-minded people and chat to them about both photography and Melbourne in general. We probably didn’t pick the best day to host a photowalk, as daylight savings had only just kicked in the night before and the NRL Grand Final was about to get underway – Oh and it was really really cold. So we really did appreciate all of those people that did turn up to spend sometime with us walking around and taking photos. 😀

A massive thank you too…

The two guys that came down to Melbourne from Sydney… Alex Taylor and Jason LeGuir. It was really cool of these two guys to travel so far to join us and to hang out with them for part of the weekend as well. Thanks so much guys – you are rock stars! 😀

We can’t wait to get back to Melbourne in the future and host another photowalk!!! 😀

Brighton Beach Hut by Rob Potter

The 007 Podcast afterwards

Speaking of Alex Taylor, we hijacked his hotel room afterwards as he became the special guest for episode 7 of our photography podcast. We did this within hours of the Brighton Beach Photowalk so we were all still buzzing from that and it made for a great photography podcast which mainly featured the topic of Abandoned Building Photography. If you haven’t yet, you should have a listen too it and be sure to let us know what you think.

Join us for our next Photowalk

For our next photowalk we are back in Sydney and visiting one of the great places to take photos… Dawes Point and then over to the Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal. It will be for sunrise so make sure to visit our upcoming photowalks page to find out all of the details and to RSVP. We hope to see you there for our last photowalk of the year. 🙂

Thanks for reading and happy snapping,
Rob Potter
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  1. Andrew Ingram

    It was an amazing experience. Thanks guys and girls!
    When I got there I thought I was a bit useless at taking landscape and architecture photos but after a little bit of discussion and some positive reinforcement I am back on track.

    1. Rob Potter

      Thanks so much Andrew for coming along. It was great to meet you and it’s fantastic to hear that you are back on track and enjoying other styles of photography. All the best! 😀

  2. Giselle esparon

    Interested in the photo walk in Sydney and Melbourne thanks


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