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The PhotoWALK take over Canberra

Canberra Balloon Spectacular PhotoWALK

Our first photowalk in Canberra officially broke the record for the most people registered for a walk with 116 people registered to attend. We decided to head to the Canberra Balloon Spectacular and try and capture the dozens of balloons taking off all at once from the lawns of Old Parliament House.

It seems that when we do a photowalk out of Sydney more and more people are wanting to join us (which is fantastic). The drive must have been too much for some as there were a lot that did not make it. We really missed you! Please come to the next walk so we can catch up.

We want to thank all of you that did make the journey, especially Susy from Melbourne who drove 7 hours to join us (now that’s commitment!)

The weather was fantastic, unfortunately too good! The lack of wind meant that the Hot Air Balloons could not take off, as the risk of not making it to a landing zone was too great.

A Partial Group Shot

We nearly went without doing a group shot. As the morning faded away we had lost of few of you and it was Toni and Lyndall from Canberra that insisted, after all, we had come to their stomping ground for a change.

Thanks to Alex Taylor from Visual Cocaine for taking the group shot.

Enter stage left… A Spectacular Sunrise!

Luckily, the sky lit up with a beautiful golden glow and everyone had the chance to grab a shot of Lake Burley Griffin draped in golden light!

The magnificent photo below was taken by one of our regular photowalkers Denn Jib Seblos.

Photo by Denn Jib Seblos

Up, Up and Away… sort of

To keep the thousands of keen balloon spotters happy they decided to have some of the balloons tethered and blow them up for a bit of a show in the park. It was a great opportunity to get up close and personal to the balloons and have a bit of a laugh as Yoda gave us the evil eye.

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Our Next Photowalk

Our next photowalk will be in early May at Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens. We’ll be running a workshop if you’re keen to learn more about your camera and post processing. For more information, please visit our upcoming photowalk page.

Thanks again for joining us! 🙂

Ben Fewtrell

The fat 1/2 of The Photowalk Guys

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