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Cockatoo Island Group Photo

Cockatoo Island Photowalk Review

I really enjoyed our Cockatoo Island Photowalk! I mean, I enjoy all of them but this one in particular was so much fun. Maybe it was because I was a little bit worried about holding it on the Easter long weekend or people having to catch a ferry to meet us but the whole photowalk ran without a glitch. We had the opportunity to spend an entire afternoon with a bunch of great photographers, walking around snapping photos of a historic Australian site. Could you ask for anything more… 🙂

As I mentioned to everyone on the day, this was actually my first time at Cockatoo Island and I was really impressed with the sheer size of it, not to mentioned the gorgeous old buildings. I certainly plan to go back very soon and spend a full day exploring all of the places that I wasn’t able to see inside of on the day. From what I understand, with the art exhibition and the photowalk on, the island was a little more popular than usual. However on some other days, it can be like you have the place to yourself. That would be very cool… 🙂

Happy Easter!

What would an Easter long weekend photowalk be without Easter Eggs?! Ben mentioned that I was trying to be the more popular of the two Photowalk Guys, with my bribing people with Easter Eggs. However not many people can resist an Easter Egg and it seemed to work a treat, no pun intended, with a lot of people. I definitely think that I got some brownie points…

Happy Easter to you and your families! I hope that you all had a fantastic day filled with family, friends and yes… Chocolate. 😉

The Imagination Station Exhibition

Imagination Station

Unbeknownst to us when we picked this date for the photowalk was that the visual arts festival, The Biennale would be on and The Imagination Station Exhibition was going to be at Cockatoo Island. This made for an added element of photography subjects to capture, with funky little buildings and light twirling fans, to name just a few, on display.

Lots of New Faces!

Despite the photowalk being on the Easter four day weekend, we had another wonderful turn out. Each photowalk Ben and I excitedly comment that they are getting bigger with more people wanting to join us. This means a lot to us!

One thing that did stand out to me was the amount of new people that came along and joined us for the first time. Some remarked that we had been recommend by friends, others found us through Photography Hot Spots and quite a few people had said that they had been wanting to join us for sometime but hadn’t had the chance. To hear that people are talking about and recommending us to friends is really awesome and very humbling.

Thats not to say it is not good to see familiar faces. To me that is just as awesome as it means that they/you have had a great time and are returning for more. But there did seem to be a lot more new faces… Maybe it’s because these photowalks are indeed getting bigger. 😀

If you have been on one of our photowalks and have friends or family that would also like to come along and join in, please point them to our Facebook Page. These photowalks are free and are open to anyone, no matter their equipment or experience. We even had someone on this photowalk only using his iPhone and capturing some great photos.

Cockatoo Island Photowalk

The next photowalk

We are yet to decide upon the next photowalk although we do have a new locations in mind. Some of which we haven’t yet hosted a walk at, some of which we have. One thing we are keen to do is to continue to host these walks at locations which excite and are not something that people would normally visit.

VIP Photwalk:

Ben and I get asked lots of questions about photography during these photowalks and we are not always able to devote as much time as we would like to helping answer these questions. What we are hoping to do, and something I am very excited about, is to offer people to become a VIP Photowalker.

What that means is, for a small fee, we will run a photography workshop before or after a photowalk in which you will be able to attend. In these workshops we will focus around understanding and using your camera and giving you tips on how to get the most out of Adobe Photoshop. This is great because it means that you will be able to put what you learn into practice almost immediately.

More information about this to come. 🙂

Where would you like to go?

Is there a particular photography location that you think would make for an awesome photowalk? If so let us know. We would love to hear what people are thinking and you might give us an idea for a place we hadn’t yet thought of. To do this simple pop your ideas below in the comments section.

To find out about our previous photowalks or check if we have released details for the next one, head over and have a sticky beak at our upcoming photowalks page.

Thank you Rene!

Rene Kisselbeck is a guy, a very big guy at that, that I was lucky enough to meet at the very first photowalk that we, The Photowalk Guys, hosted down at Long Reef on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Since then Rene has always contributed to the walks and has become the unofficial official group photographer. Taking both a normal photo and a funny photo of everyone at the start of each photowalk.

A very big thank you Rene for the time and effort you put into snapping these for us. It is greatly appreciated! 🙂

Until the next photowalk, happy snapping!

The Photowalk Guys!

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