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The PhotoWALK Guys Dawes Point

Dawes Point Photowalk Review

Firstly… Merry Christmas! Ben & Rob (aka The PhotoWALK Guys) wish you a very Merry Christmas and thank you for hanging around with us this year!

We held out final Photowalk for 2014 on Saturday 13th December at Dawes Point in our hometown of Sydney. This was a very special Christmas themed Photowalk and we asked everyone to get into the festive spirit. The idea was the person who was dressed in the “Best Festive Gear” would win a copy of Rob’s new eBook, ‘Sydney, 30 Locations in 30 Days‘.

There were a few that asked what was meant by ‘festive’ and we wondered who might turn up in what 😉

Guided by the light

Albert Chetcuti Best Festive DressedWhen I arrived at Dawes Point I was early and it was still pretty dark, I was guided to the location to what looked like someone in a Santa Suit and Flashing Christmas lights covering themselves from head to toe.

My first thought was ‘wow’.. Rob has really gone ‘all out’ for this walk. I knew he had bought a santa suit for this walk, the lights were going above and beyond… but no, it wasn’t Rob, it was Albert Chetcuti!

Albert was the clear winner for the most festive and is now enjoying a copy of ‘Sydney, 30 Locations in 30 Days’ by Rob Potter.

Congratulations Albert and thanks for being a huge supporter of The PhotoWALK Guys this year! Enjoy the book…


Total Eclipse of the Opera House

It’s rare that something doesn’t go slightly pear shaped at our photowalks. We plan these months in advance and never get to pick the weather or what else may be happening at the same time.

There was some debate as to whether or not a cruise ship would be heading into the Overseas Passenger Terminal and it looked like it was pretty quiet in that general area, and we were thinking we were going to avoid a cruise ship blocking our path… but no… at about 6am on the dot we were greeted by a total eclipse.

Total Eclipse of the Opera House

A big thank you to all that joined us!

A very big thank you to everyone that joined us for our final Photowalk of 2014, the weather was a little iffy first up, and there was a little rain on my windscreen as I headed toward Dawes Point.

It wasn’t the most spectacular sunrise but It was great to get the opportunity to see everyone for Christmas, and it was nice to finish up the walk with a hearty breakfast and a good laugh.

Dawes Point Photowalk

Help us plan 2015

We’re keen to make 2015 our best year yet! And we want YOU to help us plan each photowalk location, Podcast topics and guests.

You can help out by leaving your ideas in the comment section below.

It doesn’t matter how crazy you think your ideas are, just let us know, we will consider just about anything 🙂

We Appreciate You

Time to do wrap up this Christmas post (Rob will love what I did right there!)

I want to say a HUGE thank you on behalf of myself and Rob. We have loved meeting you and hanging out with you this year.

We get a great sense of satisfaction by organising the photowalks and making the podcast, and appreciate that you take the time to attend and listen.

Thanks for reading and merry christmas,
Ben Fewtrell
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