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The Lithgow Blast Furnace Photowalk Group Photo

Lithgow Blast Furnace Photowalk Review

On Saturday the 1st of February we (The Photowalk Guys) held the first photowalk for 2014. Moving away from Sydney’s beautiful beaches and Harbour, we decided to be a little bit adventurous and head out to the good old Lithgow Blast Furnace.

Great Turnout

When you organise a photowalk that is far away from the major cities, you can get a little anxious wondering if people will travel out to the destination. However one of the reason that we choose the Lithgow Blast Furnace is that it has received a lot of interest from people on Photography Hot Spots. It is certainly not a location that you see everyday and sparks peoples curiosity and imagination.

One thing that we do do with each of our photowalks is create a Facebook Event. This allows us to spread the word via our various social media channels but more importantly gives people the opportunity to ask questions and RSVP to join us. By the morning of the Lithgow photowalk we had 62 people register which is probably a little over par for what we normally get. This certainly quietened any fears that we had.

And if that wasn’t evidence enough… Upon arriving at the Lithgow Blast Furnace it was obvious that this was going to be a good turn out as there were plenty of overly keen photowalkers already out and about taking photos. When it came time to kicking off the photowalk, there were a heap of people there as you can see in the group photo.

Thank you to everyone that came a long! We really appreciate it and love meeting you all. 🙂

Something a little different

A photo from Ben's Quad Copter

Ben’s Quad Copter

You know what they say… Boy’s and their toys and Ben is no exception! 😉

Ben recently purchased a Quad Copter that allows you to attach a Go Pro to the bottom of it and fly it to different heights and positions to capture many fantastic and very unique perspectives.

I was really impressed with two things. One; Ben’s great control skills in being able to manoeuvre the quad copter around the blast furnace to capture some great photos and Two; The quality of photos that came out of it. Ben was able to download the photos straight from the Go Pro to his iPhone (which I though was also very impressed with, so make that three) but each image from the Go Pro is 12 mega pixels! Which is pretty cool considering my beloved Nikon D300s is 12.6 mega pixels.

The Alex Taylor Show:

The Alex Taylor Steel Wool Show

Once the sun had gone down, Alex Taylor from Visual Cocaine (a great supporter of both Photography Hot Spots and The Photowalk Guys) was good enough to bring out his light show.

Using a combination of steel wool, a whisk, a shoe lace and a lighter, Alex was able to entertain everyone. If you have not seen this technique before, the steel wool burns up and bits and pieces of it fly off to create some amazing photos.

Thanks heaps Alex!

A Shout out to Mike Lee!

I would also like to thank Mike Lee for volunteering to take the group photo. It is never easy taking a photo of a group of photographers but he did a fantastic job and even though his mother fell very ill, sent us the picture that you see at the top of your screen.

Mike and his partner Yaz also run Essence and Flaunt Photography. Head on over to see there fantastic photos!

Thanks heaps Mike!

Where is the next Photowalk?

This is a question that I heard a lot as people become excited to partake in more of our photowalks. Which is fantastic!

We are thinking that they next photowalk will probably be at the historic Cockatoo Island in Sydney, sometime in April. However nothing is set in concrete and we also have lots of other ideas for amazing photowalks that we can organise and host. We hope to have some more details for you soon but in the meantime feel free to let us know where you would like to see a photowalk held and you never know… 😉

Until next time…

For the photowalkers that attended this photo; again thank you and you can share your photos and experience over on The Photowalk Guys facebook page. Between the photowalk and this photowalk going live there have been many great photos shared, so make sure to hope over and check it out.

Thanks for reading,
The Photowalk Guys!

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