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Long Reef Photowalk 2015 group photo

Long Reef Photowalk 2015

We are yet to cancel a photowalk and this is a tradition that I hope continues… However I would be lying if I said that the thought didn’t cross my mind driving to Long Reef for our September 2015 photowalk. The weather was pretty miserable and it was really hard to know if it was going to get any better, especially because it was going to be a sunrise photowalk…

So we were very surprised that anyone turned up, let alone a dozen very keen and committed photographers. A very big thank you to each of the people that did join us and made the morning a lot of fun.

Sunrise at Long Reef Headland

A pretty good sunrise

When you are getting passing showers it is hard to know whether or not you are going to get a washed out and non existent sunrise or if you are going to see the whole sky light up with magnificent colour or anything in between. And as photographers, we are optimistic creatures and always hopeful of something amazing and every now and again this does happen.

Thankfully we did get a decent sunrise with the sun coming up and trying to break through the clouds. This was a really cool surprise and as an organiser of the photowalk a great relief.

Photographing Manly from Long Reef

A rookie mistake…

This one I did get wrong and that was the tide – it was too high. The trick when visiting Long Reef is to make sure that you visit when it is, or close to being, low tide. Unfortunately when walking out to the Headland and then the beach, it was very evident that I had read the tides wrong…

Note to self, double check the tides when heading out to take photos. Again, a rookie mistake.

Camera over cliff

The camera that jumped off a cliff

Well there is a first for everything and yes, you read that headline correctly… We did have a tripod and camera topple off the side of a cliff on the headlands at Long Reef. It was actually my girlfriend Jo, who had to put her tripod down quickly only to see it then topple off the side.

Thankfully it didn’t fall too far from the ledge but it still fell far enough that no one could reach it easily. After many different attempts, Rene Kisselbach managed to lasso the leg of the tripod and pull it up far enough that I was able to get a hold of it and pull it back up to safety.

I am happy to inform you that the tripod and camera were not harmed and just needed a very good clean. However there is a Sony lens cap floating somewhere along the Northern Beaches coastline.

We promise this is just a one off! 😉

Join us for our October Photowalk

Our very next photowalk is on Sunday the 18th of October at Waverton Peninsula near Sydney and will kick off at 5:30pm. If you haven’t yet been to Waverton it is a fantastic location with a very unique angle of the Harbour and the old Caltex Refinery that has now been turned into a reserve.

For more information check out our upcoming photowalks page.

We hope to see you then! 🙂

The Photowalk Guys

P.S: A very happy birthday to Craig Everson who joined us. We hope that you had a great day mate! 🙂

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