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Mrs Macquaries Chair group photo

Mrs Macquaries Chair Photowalk June 2014

We, The Photowalk Guys recently held the Mrs Macquaries Chair photowalk and it was a blast. The whole event was so much fun and actually went by really quickly despite some extra activities at the end. Ben and I meet everyone at the Fleet Stairs, just down from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, said hello, had a chat with everyone, took the first of two group photos and then got the show underway.

Group Photo

One thing that we do at the start of each of our photowalks is we take a group shot! These group photos consist of two photographs taken one after the other; One being a normal photo and two being a really silly photo.

One thing that we are really finding funny is that people are becoming increasingly keen to be apart of these photos and if anyone is running a little late, we get messages asking us to wait until they get there. For those people that do turn up late, they become disappointed when they find out that they missed it.

Being photographers, you usually find that we prefer to be behind the camera rather than in front of it. However peoples reaction to the group photo recently has really made me question this which is really cool.

One of the ladies on the photowalk, and I apologies for forgetting her name, said to me towards the end of the night that we should do the group shot again due to the amount of people that were there. So we did. We got a great shot of everyone involved with the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge in the background.

Light balls at Mrs Macquaries Chair

Light Show in Mrs Macquaries Chair

Creating some Light Balls

One thing that Ben and I talked about after the last photowalk was adding something extra to the photowalks to really make them exciting and keep people entertained longer. I have started playing around with creating ‘Light Balls’, where you setup your camera for a long exposure, grab a light and a rope, spin it around while turning in a circle. It can create some really cool looking photos and I figured that this would be a lot of fun.

Thankfully a good friend of The Photowalk Guys, Rob Lamb, was also coming down to Mrs Macquaries Chair for the photowalk. Rob Lamb has had a lot more experience with creating Light Balls than I have, although you would have known that if you have seen any of the photos and how the two different balls turned out. Rob helped me out so much and you know what they say… Two balls is better than one! 😉

The funny thing was that when you are creating the light balls you are suppose to wear dark clothes to help you stay invisible in the photos. Now I completely forgot about this when I left home and had on tanned cargo pants. It wasn’t until we arrived at Mrs Macquaries Chair that I realised my mistake…

I called my partner to see if she was still at home and if she could grab me some pants but alas (I am trying to make this dramatic) she had left. So you could imagine my surprise when she did eventually turn up and had stopped somewhere to grab some black tracksuit pants. Which I was blown away by! Now I don’t normally wear tracksuit pants out in public so if you were wondering why I was very very casually dressed you now know.

Although in saying that, I continued to wear those pants for a few days as they were so comfortable and warm. 😉

Thanks Jo! xo

Lighting the place up with Steel Wool

If you joined us for our Lithgow Blast Furnace, you will remember at the end of the night Alex Taylor of Visual Cocaine, brought out the Steel Wool and entertained everyone some more. During the light ball show, Alex mentioned to me that he had some more steel wool in the car and asked us if we would like him to do it again..? Well of course we did!

The combination of the Light Balls and the Steel Wool, was a winner and everyone seemed to have a great time. A few people even mentioned that this was so far their favourite photowalk.

Sydney Opera House from Mrs Macquaries Chair

Lots happening for the Photowalk Guys

The new Photowalk Guys website

This is probably fairly obvious as you will no doubt be reading this on our new website but… We have launched our new website! This will now become the home for everything photowalk related, from upcoming and past photowalks, to a podcast show that we will start to record in the upcoming weeks.

Take your time and have a look around the website and let us know what you think… There is still much to be done and heaps more content to come but at this early stage we would welcome your feedback and ideas in regards to the site and how it can best be used.

The Photowalk Guys Podcast

As mentioned above we will be recording a fortnightly podcast that will discuss everything photography related. From using your camera to Photoshop, camera gear to photography as a business and much much more. Each episode we will pick something else photography related to chat about as well as a couple of regular segments. We are both very excited about getting this show on the road, so to speak… 😉

Depending on when you are reading this, the podcast might be up, so we would love you to jump across and have a listen. Then let us know what you think and even submit a question.

Upcoming Photowalk

We have worked out three more photowalks for the remainder of 2014. Simply jump over to the Upcoming Photowalks page and check them out. We hope to see you at one of it not all of them.

Happy snapping,
Rob Potter
The funny 1/2 of the Photowalk Guys

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