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Somersby Falls Photowalk

Somersby Falls Photowalk Review

The first photowalk of 2015 was fantastic with a great bunch of people joining us at Somersby Falls to photograph the many beatiful waterfalls that they have there.

We (The Photowalk Guys, Ben & Rob) get a bit nervous when the photowalks we run are far outside of Sydney but these concerns never seem justified as another great turn out happened. This really blows us away and we would love to say a big thank you for making the trip and joining us. 🙂

Photographing the Waterfalls

We were really blessed with a week full of rain and then a gorgeous day for the walk. All of the rain meant that the multiple waterfalls at Somersby Falls were pumping with water. From the photos that we have seen so far, everyone got many great photos.

Ben joined people down at the waterfalls to snap up some photos, having not been to Somersby Falls before, and to help people with advice on how to capture an awesome waterfall photo. A few people on the walk, were quite new to photography, so Ben’s tips really helped them out.

Somersby Falls by Ben Fewtrell

*** Picture by Mr Ben Fewtrell – Photowalk Guy Extraordinaire ***

Food is up!

With the park having BBQ facilities, Rob was on cooking duties and did an incredible job. It was not something that we have done before but everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Some people even remarked that Jamie Oliver could not have done a better job.

And yes… This is Rob writing this. 😉

Check out the photos from the Photowalk

Jump over and check out the Photowalk Guys Facebook page too see all of the photos that were taken on the Photowalk. There are plenty of stunning photos there and it is great to see how others captured the different waterfalls.

Canberra Photowalk

Our next photowalk will be in early March and will see us visit Canberra for the Hot Air Balloon Festival. It will be for sunrise, so we do know that it will be tough for people to make it but it should be well worth it. For more information, please visit our upcoming photowalk page.

Thanks again for joining us! 🙂

Rob Potter
The other 1/2 of The Photowalk Guys

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