Who are The Photowalk Guys?

Rob Potter

Rob Potter

I, Rob Potter, am the creator and owner of Photography Hot Spots, a website that is dedicated to building a community of users that find, search and share great Photography Locations across Australia. I am also the other, funnier looking, Photowalk Guy which you probably would have guessed by now… Both of these sites are lots of fun to be apart of and help encourage people with their photography.

By day I am a mild manner Online Marketing Consultant and Web Designer who enjoys content marketing and getting the opportunity to be creative with a variety of designs and web sites. By night the Photography Cap, not cape, goes on and I operate Photography Hot Spots and contribute to The Photowalk Guys.

For me personally, I enjoy both photography and meeting great people, so naturally I love organising and running these photowalks as they are so much fun to be apart of. If you haven’t yet been on one, make sure you find out when the next one is on and come along and join us.

I also have a great love of Adobe Photoshop and HDR photography. I use this technique to capture all of my landscape images and then process them using Photoshop to create vibrant and rich photos. I also enjoy using Photoshop to create elaborate compositions of weird and wonderful scenes.

If you would like to connect with me, I use a variety of different Social Media channels and would love for you to stop by and say hello.

Chat soon,
Rob Potter

Ben Fewtrell

Ben Fewtrell

Ben Fewtrell is a Sydney Based Photographer and blogger with a zest for life and loves being in the great outdoors! He runs a PhotoBLOG at www.on3legs.com documenting his ‘Photojourney’ and loves helping others discover the joy of photography. Although not his full time profession, photography is a passion that he dedicates a large part of his life too.

Ben loves to share his passion with others that are keen to learn through running small group workshops and lives by the mantra “Never wish your life was easier, wish that you’re better!” – There is ALWAYS something new we can learn to take our photography to the next level.

Ben ran his very first PhotoWALK solo in 2012, he then discovered that Rob shared his passion to create a community of photographers that love to hang out every once in a while,  teamed up with him to organise another photowalk and create what is now known as ‘The PhotoWALK Guys’.

James Macree

I, James Macree, am an amateur photographer, born and bred in Sydney, with a passion to explore near and far with a camera in my hand.

On weekdays, I work in construction industry, a job that I love but when the weekend rolls around I love nothing more than to jump into my car with my girlfriend and explore new places with my camera in hand. For this reason I am quite proud to label myself a “weekend warrior”.

As a teenager I plastered my bedroom in posters from my favourite car and mountain bike magazines, I didn’t know it yet but the people behind the lens in these images would become as a big a hero to me as the riders and automobiles that they featured. When I was gifted my first DLSR, it didn’t take long for me to become hooked on photography. It ties together so many other parts of my life- giving me more reason to become even more deeply involved in my other passions as I photographed them. Photography brought a lot of great people into my life (including one very special person) and I’ve even managed to meet some of my heroes.

Over the years I’ve become a part of several local photographic communities covering different parts of the photographic spectrum, over social media and of course in reality too! I created my webpage and brand- LensflarePhoto.com to help me share my images with my friends, fellow photographers and anyone else interested in keeping up with my adventures in life and I have to say that this has been a blast!

I first met with original Photowalk Guy Rob, by chance whilst shooting with my partner at Bradley’s Head, Sydney and not long after attended my first Photowalk at Darling Harbour where I then also met Ben, Alex and Rene for the first time. Since then I’ve attended almost all the photowalks and made a heap of other new friends along the way. I learned a lot from these guys and I was excited and honoured to be asked to become a bigger part of the walks and give back to this thriving community that gave me so much.

I love taking photo’s of landscapes, seascapes, the urban environment as well as bringing my photography into my other passions in such as motorsport. I especially love shooting at sunrise, and this doesn’t just apply to my landscape work- I’m definitely a morning person, even if I need a coffee first to become a fully functional human! I’m also a bit of a technology nerd and enjoy getting into the technical aspects of my craft.

I can’t wait to meet lots more new friends at the photowalks, so I can share some of the things I’ve learnt along my own journey behind the lens, share some of the great locations I’ve been to and hopefully continue to learn myself!

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