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The Grand Finale

WT:026 The Grand Finale


Rob Potter and Ben Fewtrell are back with two lots of big news! 1 – This is our 1 year show! The other… Well this will be out last show (for now) as Rob and Ben take sometime for other commitments. Also in Episode #26 of our photography podcast, Rob reviews one of the best landscape photography locations in New South Wales – Bombo Quarry. Plus Ben Fewtrell then reviews a camera lens that each and every photographer should have in their bags… The popular 24-70mm lens.

The main topic is 10 Mistakes that Landscapes Photographer Make. It is an article that Rob published over on Photography Hot Spots and one that has recieved a lot of attention. Rob and Ben go through each point and share their thoughts on how hopefully you can avoid making similar mistakes.

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Virtual High 5’s:

Well other than the two big pieces of news this week, we would like to send a very big thank you to Peely26 who left us a 5 star iTunes review. Head over to iTunes, search for the Photowalk Guys and you too can also leave us a review or read the reviews that have been left by others.

The Next Photowalk:

We will be looking to bring on a few more ‘guys’ to help us with organising and running photowalks in the future. As a result the photowalk calendar might be changed slightly as we move forward. Keep your eye on The Photowalk Guys Facebook page and our website and we will release some details as soon as they are locked in.

Bombo Quarry

Photography Podcast Topics

Bombo Quarry:

The Bombo Quarry is an amazing photography location and as we mentioned in the opener, it would have to be pretty close to being one of New South Wales best. Listen in as Rob reviews the location and why and when you should visit this Hot Spot.

24-70mm Lens:

In Ben’s last photography review (for now), Ben shares his thoughts on the commonly used 24-70mm lens, what it is good for and why you need to have one. If you have been considering this camera lens you will enjoy listening to this review.

10 Mistakes that Landscape Photographers Make:

As Rob admits in this episode, he does make a few mistakes from time to time. We know… Hard to believe right… This has lead him to write and share a blog post on Photography Hot Spots titled ‘10 Mistakes that Landscape Photographers Make‘. The guys focus on this and go through each of the points and focus on how you can avoid making these mistakes in your own photography journey.

That’s it!

For now both Ben and Rob would like to say a very big thank you to you for listening in each fortnight as we bring you these photography podcast. We have loved putting them together and have enjoyed the feedback that we have recieved about them.

Now in saying that, the photowalks will continue! So check out our upcomming photowalk page, pick a walk that you would like to join in on and come down and say hello.

Thanks again.
The Photowalk Guys! =)

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  1. Craig Everson

    Dear Rob & Ben
    Sad to hear that this is the last podcast for now, I’ve been enjoying them every fortnight since I discovered it way back with episode 3. It’s been great learning more and more things about photography through you guys and will miss it immensely, hopefully you’ll be able to start doing it again in the near future.

    My favorite episodes have been the three about Lenses, your chat with Ken Duncan, Aussie Abandoned, Motorsport Photography with James Macree, post processing, Photoshop & How to start a Photography website.

    Once again thank you for doing this podcast and inspiring me to be a better photographer.


    Craig Everson


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